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We're regularly processing applications for our *free* Preferred Customer Membership Card at Corvette Performance Arizona!  Membership in our Preferred Customer program entitles you to a wide range of valuable benefits available only with your non-transferable Membership Card:

  1. Discounts on our already-competitive in-stock and special-order parts pricing;
  2. Preferred Customer Discounts at Jiffy Lube and Lindsay's Aamco Transmission located nearby on Scottsdale Blvd. —  just present your Preferred Customer Card and tell them we sent you!
  3. Preferred Customer Service Lift. We've installed a service lift for the exclusive convenience of our Preferred Customers to use at no charge! This exclusive Preferred Customer benefit is perfect for Inspections, simple maintenance, # verifications, trouble shooting, and many more purposes. All you need to do is 'book ahead' to ensure it's available. (For insurance coverage reasons, you must be a Preferred Customer with our non-transferrable PC card in your name to reserve a time. No overnighters, no 'tear-downs', or other activities that might tie up the lift for other customers.)
  4. Preferred Customer Lounge. Relax in our new Lounge to "talk 'Vette" with friends, thumb through catalogs, or any reason! Our new lounge is a perfect hideaway replete with comfortable seating, great coffee, and other "tasty beverages". (For Preferred Customers and their guests only).
  5. Preferred Customer Discounts with select vendors for their new products, limited-quantity, and special offers;
  6. First Choice for new introductions and hard-to-find, limited quantity products;
  7. Our unique "Preferred Stocking" Program — we'll keep parts that you consume frequently (like racing brake pads) on the shelf under your name so they're always available on a moment's notice;
  8. Free admission and Preferred Seating for our Corvette Tech Seminars and and other tech events;
  9. Free specialty tool loaner program - we have the hard-to-find specialty tools needed to maintain or fix your Corvette on hand. Not only do you not have to buy them -- you can find them here on a moment's notice if you're a Member!
  10. Flat Consignment Fees if you have Corvette parts or merchandise that you would like us to sell for you either in our shop or in our eBay store;
  11. Our Monthly Newsletter to keep you informed of special products, pricing, events, and other items of interest to Corvette enthusiasts;
  12. Notification of monthly Sales, Clearance Items, and other promotional events that can save you money.

Don't delay! signing up for this rare opportunity to become a Member of the Corvette Performance Arizona Preferred Customer Program!  Contact Us, visit us, or apply online below.

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